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Addition Euro Versions

These are some different versions of our Euro Murphy wall beds.  Because we are a custom manufacturer, not many of or pieces are the same.  Here are just a few others that we've built.  If you find one that catches you attention, send us a Quote Request be sure to include the name of the bed you like. Send a Quote

The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe Euro Bed

Name: Euro Sofa

This is three basic euro beds with a sofa. The bed folds down over the safa and between the arms.

Name: Euro Chalkboard

This is a Euro version that has a chalboard front. It has a large bookcase on the side.

Name: Euro Vertical/Oak

This is a sideways version that I've built several times. This time in oak.

Name Euro Slide

This Euro has sliding bookcases that slid to the side and then the bed folds down between the arms of the sofa.

Name: Quarter Sawn Euro w/ Inset Bookcases

This Euro used Quarter Sawn Oak for the wood. We also added some inset bookcases that are only visible when the bed is open.

Name: Quarter Sawn Euro w/ Inset Bookcases

This Euro another view of the Quarter Sawn Oak Euro. In this picture you can see the bookcases inside.

Quarter Sawn Euro 2

This is the second Euro that we used quarter sawn oak on. It has a bookcase on the right only.

Quarter Sawn Euro 2

Shown here with the bed open.

Quarter Sawn Euro 2

Instead of a pull out laptop tray, the customer requested a pull out vanity with a drawer.

Name: Euro Walnut

This is the Euro built using Walnut wood.

Name: Euro White

This white euro went to the same customer the walnut one went to. This one has all open bookcases. If you look closely the right boockase has the back cut at an angle. This is to accomidate a curved corner.

Name: Euro White

The white euro shown open.

Name: All Maple Euro

This is the all maple version without any bookcases.

Name: Custom Match Euro

This Euro was just a basic one where we matched a shelf sent in by the customer.

Name: Euro Mission

This one is just like the orginal version but the customer requested our Mission crown and Standard base.

Name: Euro Wide Bookcases

This version I built like the orginal but with wider bookcase

Name: Euro Horzontal Corner

This is the horzontal version. The bookcases curve around and act as a pillow stop. Inside one of the drawers is a pull out keyboard tray. Notice in the corner there is a cutout to access the normally wasted space.

Name: Euro Horzontal Corner

Shown here open.

Name: Euro Horzontal Dark

This horizontal euro has some extra blocks on the front.


The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe

This is a murphy bed that was completed in September 2009.  I built this for the same customer I built the My Germen Friends Murphy Bed for in November 2008.  This will go in another home of theirs.  The reason for the title, The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe, is because the wardrobe has a hidden door.  This door passes through to another section of the room.  The roll of cabinets will separate a very large basement/safe room.  To access the secret room you just open the middle wardrobe doors, move the cloths aside and go through the back doors.   I'll have to post more pictures when I get the installation pictures.


Along with the hidden pass through wardrobe, there is another wardrobe with double hanging rods, a display hutch with lower storage, a corner fold down secretary style desk, and a murphy wall bed.


Here are the recorded videos of the build: 

Banding panels

Working on the Verticals

Building the Header

Cutting hinge holes in face

Center Templeton Trim

-Corner Unit

Cutting shelves for corner unit

Cutting verticals

Building Corner Unit

-Large Bookcase

Cutting and ripping the part

Banding the edges

Rip after the edges banded


Grooving Door Parts

Putting Doors together

Round 2 of doors

Assembling round 2


Here are a few building pictures.  There were so many you may have to check the archived of both July, August,  and September.