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Dark Knight Head board Dark Knight Headboard Murphy wall bed
Ellinger 7/30

Dark Knight Headboard with lights off.
Ellinger 7/30

Dark Knight headboard .
Evans 7/30

Murphy bed is finished.
Muprhy bed with Desk Murphy bed desk open Murphy bed open
Werner 7/27

Muprhy bed finished
Werner 7/27

Shown with the desk open.
Werner 7/27

Shown with the bed open.
Full size bat man bed Batman nightstand Bat car front
Sica 7/21

Full batman bed finished
Sica 7/21

Matching nightstand
Sica 7/21

Front of the Bat car.
Oak Murphy bed desk Build murphy bed Desk Leg build
Warner 7/21

Building the center section.
Warner 7/21

The verticals, headboard, and header.
Warner 7/21

Doors that will become the desk leg.
Twin bat car Bat car front Bat car side
Kelly 7/20

Twin batmobile finished.
Kelly 7/20

Close up of the front.
Kelly 7/20

Close up of the side.
Batman bed Batman bed drawers Batman front
Luke 7/16

Bed is ready
Luke 7/16

Shown with drawrs open
Luke 7/16

Front of the bed.
Batman bed side Batmobile sides primer Batman overspray
Luke 7/16

Showing the side.
Luke 7/15

Side panel with primer.
Luke 7/15

Overspray from spaying some drawer pulls.
Batmobile side panels Oak Waterbed drawers open Oak h20 headboard
Luke 7/15

Side panels ready for finish
Boyd 7/13

Oak waterbed with drawers open.
Boyd 7/13

Close up of the waterbed headboard
Oak headboard sliding doors Oak Waterbed  
Close up of the headboard.  Doors inside. Boyd 7/13

Oak waterbed finished
Pirates Baseball Bed Pittsburg Pirates loft bats Pittsburg Pirates dugout
Yoho 7/7

Pittsburg Pirates loft bed finished
Yoho 7/7

Close up of the guard rail using Louisville Slugger bats
Yoho 7/7

Showing the dugout bench/toy box.
 Pirates bed front Pittsburg Pirates bench toy box Upper loft bed
Yoho 7/7

Close up of the custom scoreboard
Yoho 7/7

Toy box shown open.
Yoho 7/7

View of the top.
Baseball headboard Dugout Loft Sides Dugout Loft side rails
Yoho 7/6

Headboard for the back side of the Dugout Loft
Yoho 7/6

Side panels for the Dugout loft
Yoho 7/6

Side rails for the Dugout loft bed.
 Yankee Murphy bed open Yankee Murphy bed closed Yankee wall bed closed
Bloemer 7/6

Yankee bed shown open.
Bloemer 7/6

Yankee bed closed with bookcase open.
Bloemer 7/6

Yankee bed all closed up.
Yankee headboard Yankee bed Facade  
Bloemer 7/6

Close of of the scoreboard headboard.
Bloemer 7/6

Old Stadium Facade.
Baseball bed scoreboard Header baseball bed baseball bookcases
Bloemer 7/6

Scoreboard headboard painted.
Bloemer 7/6

Header for murphy bed
Bloemer 7/6

Baseball locker bed face and doors Name plates for locker  
Bloemer 7/6

Murphy bed face and locker doors
Bloemer 7/6

Name plates
Oak drawer pedestal Drawer pedestal open Drawer pedestal 2
Ramsey 6/29

Drawer pedesal finished
Ramsey 6/29

Drawer pedestal with drawer and door open.
Ramsey 6/29

Side view of the drawer pedestal.
DIY Murphy bed Newton Wall Bed Front Newton Murphy bed
Miller 6/29

Pre-cut murphy bed finished.
Newton 6/26

Front view of Newton's bed.
Newton 6/26

Newton's bed finished
Wall bed with molding Wall bed handles Handles Close up
Oelmann 6/26

Murphy bed finished

Oelmann 6/26

Showing Customer where handles would go.
Oelmann 6/26

Close up of the handles
DIY Muprhy bed Horizontal Murphy and bookcase Horizontal Muprhy bookcase open
Kirk 6/12

Pre-cut DIY Murphy bed ready to ship.
Burr 6/12

Horizontal Murpy bed with upper bookcase.
Burr 6/12

Horizontal Murpy bed with upper bookcase.
Murphy inner frame Murphy bed parts Murphy face Chris
Burr 6/9

Building the inner frame to a murphy bed
Burr 6/9

Parts to the murphy bed and bookcase.
Burr 6/9

Chris working on the face.
Murphy face with doors Face wall bed build Murphy bed build
Burr 6/9

The face being built.
Burr 6/9

The murphy bed face
Burr 6/9

Face and inner frame.
Contempo Murphy bed closed Contempo Murphy bed open  
Bauer 6/6

Custom Contempo Murphy bed finished for customer.
Bauer 6/6

Murphy bed shown open.
Soccer Murphy Bed Soccer wall bed open Barcelona FC Soccer bed
Fiorini 6/4

Barcelona FC Soccer bed finished
Fiorini 6/4

Barcelona FC Soccer Both beds open.
Fiorini 6/4

Barcelona FC Soccer Both bed closed.
Barcelona FC Soccer Wall bed Barcelona FC Soccer locker Barcelona FC Soccer Headboard
Fiorini 6/4

One bed half way open.
Fiorini 6/4

Close up of the lockers.
Fiorini 6/4

What Murphy bed Finished Buildilng Headboard Murphy header
Johnson 5/30

Templton style Murphy bed finished
Fiorini 5/30

Working on the locker headboard
Fiorini 5/30

Header for one of the twin locker beds
Chris working on inner frame Murphy center Murphy bed verticals
Fiorini 5/30

Chris working on the center section
Fiorini 5/30

The center section for one of the twins.
Fiorini 5/30

The verticals for the murphy beds.
Bronco style daybed finished Bronco Daybed trundle Bronco daybed iron
Singleton  5/28

Daybed finished
Singleton  5/28

Shown with turndle open
Singleton  5/28

Close up of the iron work.
Bronco daybed side 3 drawer chest Pre-cut murphy bed
Singleton  5/28

Close up of the side.
Sanders 5/23

3 drawer chest
Scott 5/23

Chalkboard Pre-cut bed just about ready to ship.
Boat bed portholes Boat bunk bed Boat bunk top view

Rosenblat 5/15

Added Portholes
Rosenblat 5/15

Boat bunk bed finished. 
Rosenblat 5/15

The top is a twin and has a platform on the side.
Boat bed steeing wheel Boat bed top view Boat bunk bed open
Rosenblat 5/15

Added steering wheel
Rosenblat 5/15

Top view of the boat bunk.
Rosenblat 5/15

Shown with the toy box and trundle open.
Boat bunk bed Build boat bed bunk Boat bunk/loft
Rosenblat 5/13

Adding top bunk.  Not showing guard rails.
Rosenblat 5/13

Another view
Rosenblat 5/13

View of platform and ladder.
Boat bed headboard Boat bed bow with glue Boat bed bow veneer
Rosenblat 5/2

Boat bed headboard
Rosenblat 5/2

Boat bow getting glue applied
Rosenblat 5/2

Boat bed bow adding the veneer.
Boat bed bow skin Headboard top Boat headboard sides
Rosenblat 5/2

Boat bow with the skin added.
Rosenblat 5/2

Portholes cut in the top of the boat headboard.
Rosenblat 5/2

One of the sides to the headboard.
Boat bed building Boat bed side rails Boat bed bow frame
Rosenblat 5/2

Cutting out bow parts
Rosenblat 5/2

Side rails for the boat bed.
Rosenblat 5/2

Bow being built. Adding ribs.
Stainless Steel Murphy bed Red Lion Murphy bed Red Lion Murphy open
Red Lion 5/2

Twin Horizontal with Stainless Steel.
Red Lion 5/2

Twin Horizontal with Stainless Steel. Closed.
Red Lion 5/2

Twin Horizontal with Stainless Steel. Open


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