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Chris Davis  

My Work

I am the 3rd generation at WWbeds Custom Furniture. I am now owner and handle the day-to-day operations of the business.


I've been around woodworking as long as I can remember.  My dad started the family business in 1979 when I was about 5 year old.  He opened up Waterful Wonderbeds during the waterbed craze.  So you can say I've been in the sawdust for since the age of 5.  Officialy I've been working part time since 1990 and full time during collage starting August 1992.


I can remember making miniature waterbeds from scrap wood and using zip lock bags as the mattress.  Some of my other masterpieces would include swords airplanes.


I worked around a lot of people who influence me and my building.  My dad of course got his start in the Aircraft industry.  Building the cabinets for luxury jets.  I worked with my grandfather.  He taught me patience and to control my frustrations.  I remember losing my temper and shooting nails with the pneumatic nail gun in the ceiling insulation.  He would just shake his head.  I worked with several uncles.  Curtis, who can build anything.  he is the McGyver of the family.  Jeff, who is still building high end aircraft cabinets, taught me to pay attention to details and to slow down.

Chris and Norm


Out side the family, I give a lot of credit for my talent to Norm and the New Yankee Workshop.  I haven't been officially trained by Norm, but a lot of my skills were honed by his show.  In about 2001, when my daughter was just a newborn.  I'd wake up every morning, eat breakfast with my daughter, and watch the New Yankee Workshop.  I would watch and see something very interesting and before I could get back to work it would slip right out of my memory.  This is where I started my Norm Notebook.  I took a spiral notebook and would take notes and make drawings of everything I saw demonstrated on the show.  I did have a chance to meet norm in August 2008 at the  IWF (International Woodworking Far).  This is the Disneyland for wood workers. At the show I got a chance to tell Norm about my notebook.  He seemed very impressed and said that I probably have it documented better then they do.  Other outside sources are books and trade magazines.  In 2001 I took a course in aircraft modification.  This gave me a alternate look at building techniques.   To help with the design aspect I completed an Interior design class from Chandler School of Interior Design,


My Family

Another helper in the shopMy little helper in the shopI've been married since 1999 to Patty and have 2 daughter Katelyn and Elizabeth. My work and my family are tied together.  This is a family business so this keep us tied together. 


Of course, my dad is the owner, but my daughter has already played a role.  We needed a name for our children's line of furniture.  My daughter couldn't say Poppa Gary, for my dad.  It came out more like, Poggy.  So we name the line of furniture Poggy's kids furniture. 


They also come to work with me sometimes.  I will get them busy on their own project, which usually includes a lot of glue and sawdust.  Sometimes they will even hammer in a screw.


Outside of work
Outside of work I go to church at Victory Baptist Church in Sherwood.  I go out every Tuesday to spread the gospel (see Faith At Victory).  I also go out with a group on every other Thursday and hand out tracks and to share Christ (see http://streetevangelists.org/


I teach a Sunday school class of married young couples at Victory Baptist Church in Sherwood.  Come by and visit at 515 Sherwood Ave.   I love people and truly concerned about their eternity.  What does your eternity look like? How to get to heaven


I also like to geocache and hike with my kids. 


Watch Us!

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Shop video screen



We are now live

I now broadcast my shop live on the internet.  I have 4 cameras so that I can capture all our activity.  It is something fun, but also useful in that it can help in the design process.  I've had customers that need a specific items located on their furniture.  Since a lot of my customers are from the internet and can be far away, coming in to work out specific details can be impossible.   With the camera we are able to communicate in real time to work out conflicts and put us on the same page.

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Our Customers


TheCabin.net - Conway, Arkansas


OBJECTIVE  To build the best top quality furniture possible and provide it to the public at a reasonable price.


QUALIFICATIONS I have spent half of my life (15 years) working in a family owned custom furniture business. I have been around woodworking even longer than that. My degree has given me leadership skills that allow me to run an efficient shop. The additional education in Aircraft Modification and Installation proved to be a beneficial parallel to my current woodworking skills.


EDUCATION 1992-1996 BBA Bachelors of Business Administration , University of Central Arkansas at Conway

2001-2001 Aircraft Modification and Installation, Pulaski Technical College

2010 Chandler School of Interior Design


EMPLOYMENT 1989-Present         Production Operations Manager, Waterful Wonderbeds/Poggy’s Kids

I am responsible for all custom products manufactured. My involvement begins with the sale and assisting customers with design and special requests. I continue working with the customer, designing blueprints and hand-making their product, assuring top quality construction and posting their item on the internet during the building phase. I continue working with the customer by providing timely delivery of the product to the customer. From designing of the product to making sure it is delivered I am involved in developing new and improved ways to produce a product more efficiently.