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Home Office Furniture

With the many different types of home office electronics it's difficult to find a desk to fit your specific needs. You may not be able to find a desk in the style you want to fit the equipment you have.  We can build you a desk to allow for your computer, monitor, printer, scanner, fax machine and all the necessary storage required for program disks, CDs, DVDx, paper trays ... the accessory list is endless. We can build a desk to fit your personal needs and allow room for expansion. We do anything from single painted pedestal desks, corner desks, "U" shapes or more elaborate roll tops.   We will take the measurements of your CPU and monitor, take in consideration style, and the wood type you want and build you exactly what you want.

Some features can include:

  • Roll Top
  • Pull out printer and scanner shelves.
  • Desk top outlets..
  • Wire management system.
  • And much more

Corner Double Pedestal Desk

Well Corner Desk

Roll Top Desk




Roll Top "L" Style






(These are some that we've built but have not priced out.  If you are interested, note the title and send us a quote request form the link bar at the top of the page)

Corner Desk

This is a desk that was built to match a bed that I built for a customer in June (see example). Actually I built the bed for the contractor. The customer came back and ordered a matching desk.

Because of the space constraints I had to adjust my normal depth. When dealing with angles small changes can effect a lot of different areas. For this reason I put all the measurements in a spreadsheet and entered formulas in for all the variables. This way when I changed the depth, I see how if effects the spacing in the center. I played with the numbers until I came up with good ratio.

I donít normally build my raised panel sides. They are usually outsourced. This project I built them because I didnít know the depth of the overall desk until too close to the due date. This desk was completed in August 2011

Building Pictures: August 2011



White Smithsonian with folding desk.

Whereís the desk? This is one of my Murphy beds that it not only has a desk, but it is hidden. I call this one theSmithsonian. Most of the time adding a desk the the front looks, just that, you added a desk to the front. It doesnít looked planned. This one the desk folds up into the inner frame. The top/center doors become the legs and the other two center doors come down attached to the bottom of the bed.

Iíve built a few of these but this is the first time in a white lacquer. This one was built in June 2011 A few changes to this one is I kept the top doors square at the top instead of the normal arch. Also there is no fluting or rosettes on the edge of the face. The crown is a lot larger on this project the I normally use.

Building Pictures: June 2011

White Smithsonian with folding desk

Hudson Bay Murphy Bed w/Desk

This is a bed that I completed in March 2011. It is a Hudson Bay Murphy bed with a desk added to the front. In the same month I finished up Manchester Murphy bed (see project page) with a desk. Both the beds are real similar, but with slightly different moldings on the face.

We matched the color without ever seen a true sample. The customer emailed a pictures. I send a sample, of course you cant match off computer monitors. The customer receive the sample and it was slightly off, as expected. The customer said was close enough, but I asked the question on what direction the color needed to be tweaked. They told me and it turned out perfect. Luck? Iím not going to admit that. Here is a email received from the customer:

ĒThanks for the great job you and your team have done on our Murphy bed, Its installed and ready to use, just in time for me to have to start on the nursery for the baby. The stain color came out perfect thanks again for your time and effort, see pics attached.

Telling everyone about it and where I got it so hopefully it will help you business out some more too.Ē One of the pictures above shows the bed in the room next to the matching piece

Building Pictures: March 2011


White Smithsonian with folding desk

This is a modified version of my Manchester murphy bed. I added a fold down table to the face. This bed was completed in March 2011. It is made from maple with a clear coat finish.

I had the design for a while and came up with the concept for a customer using SketchUp. Iíve added desk to the face before that seemed like they were added. Iíve also built them to where they were not seen at all. This one is a cross between both of them. While it is not completely concealed, the trim does help it blind. If some art work was added to the leg, it would become even more obscure.

Here are some videoís of the build
Just Banding
Just Bookcase
wwbeds shop 03/05/11 02:10PM
wwbeds shop 3/15/11 08:55AM PST

Building Pictures: March 2011



Oak Desk

This is a desk that was built in October 2011. Most of the building was in September 2011 It matches the Mirrored Face Murphy bed that was completed back in December 2010. 
Click for details
Basically it was the same configuration as the desk in the previous project. Doors section on the left with a file drawer and two smaller drawers on the right. This customer loves extra work surfaces, so this one features those pullouts as before.

The finish was a reddish brown dye then a Red Mahogany stain.

The file drawers featured a hanging file drawer system built in using a groove cut into the top edge of the drawer box.

Building pictures can be found at our October 2011 picture archives




We will be adding pictures of past desk centers so you can get a style, or email me a picture at chris@wwbeds.com